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Managed Security Services

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How can our Managed Security Services protect your business?

Security is at the forefront of any business these days, no one wants to be faced with the threat of a cyber attack or worse. 

ServerExperte’s security solutions offers you support 24/7 against any threats using the most sophisticated technology and security innovation, giving notifications if an attack in imminent so we can resolve the situation quickly and effectively, leaving your mind at rest so you carry on with what you do best. 

If you have any worries about your security or would like some security advice we would be happy to help, get in touch with us using one of our call back request forms and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Service Reporting

We offer service reports to the external standards of (ISO27001, PCI DSS). These reports show your service performance, statistics, and analysis.


Managed SEIM (Security Information and Event Management)

Security Information and Event Management gives you an in-depth analysis of any security threats correlation rules, external security intelligence, and kill chain taxonomy. Once found they can easily be eliminated. 


Continuous threat Intelligence

Receive constant updates from our team of experts about any potential threats or suspicious activities or patches across your network and devices.


Managed vulnerability scanning

Our vulnerability scanning tool identifies patched or weak spots within your network, devices, or software, allowing us to fix the issues and reducing the chances of an attack.


Managed endpoint detection and response

With our endpoint monitoring across the cloud and on-site, continually collects data allowing our security team to track any suspicious activity or past incidents so they can be dealt with effectively before any attacks can take place.


Managed behavioural monitoring

This monitoring allows us to identify what your current system and the network looks like on a day to day basis, so when there is a change, it will be flagged as a potential threat.