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Why use our managed solutions?

The ServerExperte supports you with extensive expert knowledge in the care and operation of your IT infrastructures. Our full-service solutions relieve your own resources and enable you to focus on your core business.

System management

If you wish, the server expert will take over the planning, implementation and operation of your entire IT environment for you. We take care of networks, servers, workstations, peripheral devices and mobile devices as well as the services offered on them.

We ensure that your employees can access their data and applications in a controlled manner anytime, anywhere, and are responsible for their security and availability. The ServerExperte takes over the inventory of your hardware and software, recognizes error states and corrects them.

System monitoring

Nowadays it is becoming more and more important that server systems run without interruption and enable smooth business operations.
By continuously monitoring your IT infrastructure through our system monitoring, possible malfunctions are recognized early and can be rectified before they affect operations. System monitoring serves as a preventive measure to avoid system failures.

Permanent monitoring of your server has the following advantages:

  • Increase in IT availability and IT stability
  • Timely detection of system-critical operating states
  • Regular evaluations and reports
  • Proactive 24/7 monitoring of the systems
  • Immediate notification of malfunctions
  • Manageable costs

IBM i high availability & monitoring

How well are you prepared for a system failure or data loss?
We offer you solutions that make interruptions manageable and protect against data loss.
As the market leader for high availability solutions, we offer a wide variety of technologies to secure your infrastructure, support you in choosing the right solution and implement it on the IBM i platform.

Our range:

  • Outsourcing
  • Support
  • Audit
  • IBM i for Power Systems (AS / 400, iSeries and System i)
  • Remote monitoring
  • Release planning
  • System monitoring
  • Procurement of new or used IBM Power Systems (AS / 400, iSeries and System i)
  • Backup
  • High availability
  • Configuration

Managed firewall

The firewall ensures the initial access control to your computer system and, along with local virus protection, is one of the most important IT elements. Our solutions with the latest technologies offer the highest security, best availability and effective data protection. They are installed at your site or hosted in our data center. The monitoring and maintenance of the firewall as well as regular installation of security-relevant updates are a matter of course at ServerExperte.

    Client and software management

    IT managers do a lot of routine jobs and often have too little time for important productive work.
    The entire lifecycle of a PC client, server or mobile device can be efficiently automated.
    The client management software used for this takes care of all tasks for you, from the automated initial installation and inventory, through maintenance and care to the secure deletion of data at the end of the life cycle.
    Time-consuming routine jobs are reliably taken over and your IT landscape can be managed in a relaxed manner.

    WLAN as a service

    With WLAN as a Service you can network users and devices and ensure controlled access to the Internet. Our full-service solution includes the rental of access points, central configuration in the data center, roaming functions as well as permanent management and monitoring by our professionals.

    Managed backup services

    The ServerExperte backup solution creates exact copies of the servers, computers or directories you have selected and stores this confidential data securely in the ServerExperte data center.
    Managed Backup Services is a complete service that also includes backup operation as a customized service. The data management and monitoring of the solution is carried out by the ServerExperte Service Desk.
    External data backup ensures daily backup processes, redundancy, quick and easy data recovery and the relief of your own resources.

    VoIP as a service

    The main components of the virtual telephone system are state-of-the-art IP telephony as well as powerful and fail-safe Internet.
    Instead of your own subscriber switching system (TVA), your telephone system is in the cloud.

    New investments are no longer necessary. Additional locations are simply integrated, updates take place automatically and are professionally supported. You can be reached anywhere with your business number on your smartphone.