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Software engineering

Our software solutions focus on the individual needs of our customers.

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Professional Toolbox | Database archive | Digital archive | Database Clone Tool | Software and interface development

How can our Software Solutions help your busienss?

The software solutions from ServerExperte are practical, high-performance applications that are useful to you in your daily tasks. They are based on market-tested tools and frameworks and have been specially developed for you by our professionals.

Professional toolbox

Electronic communication with customers, suppliers and partners is becoming more and more important and the core applications such as ERP and LVR (warehouse management computer) are in most cases not flexible enough to meet the growing communication requirements.

SPACE FOR Professional Toolbox and offer central functions such as interface processing, evaluations and master data managemenT

Database archive

The ServerExperte database archive solution reorganizes your data function-related and makes it accessible to you as a separate SQL database via a web interface.

The advantages of this solution are obvious: You have complete access to your data, track business transactions in the simplest possible way and relieve your productive infrastructure.

Digital archive

The legislator stipulates that all business-relevant documents must be kept for 10 years.

With the digital archive from ServerExperte, you can easily upload your data to a central archive server in our high-availability data center via secure FTP. The solution is revision-checked and complies with all legal standards for electronic archiving. The data can be accessed via any Internet browser; the costs are calculated based on the volume actually archived.


Digital storage offers significant advantages over traditional paper storage:

  • Optimal protection against data loss (e.g. due to water or fire)
  • Quick access to documents
  • Access authorization management
  • Little need for space

Database clone tool

The “Data-Base Clone-Tool” offers the possibility of synchronizing individual data or tables from a database from system A to system B. The application works via drag & drop and is very powerful, so that even large amounts of data can be transferred within a very short time.
In practice, among other things, current data from the ERP database is transferred into a test environment in this way.

Software and interface development

Our professionals develop software solutions with Microsoft.Net and create individual interfaces in the ERP environment with a focus on SAP B1.